• Money Mastery Coaching

    Discover why you aren't living a rich and successful life. Find out what is blocking you and how to move beyond your limitations. It's time to move toward your successful financial destiny.

  • Feeling Stuck in Life?

    Move from feeling blocked and stagnant in your life to flowing and inspired. A coach will guide you over your obstacles and help you see your problems in a new light, so that new action can take place and better results achieved.


What Is Blocking Your From Success?

Feeling Stuck? Are you feeling down, depressed, stuck, stagnant, blocked, anxious, stressed, angry and can't progress forward with your life?

A life coach will see your life from a different angle and be able to ask deep and insightful questions so that you can make corrections to your thinking and therefore create better results.

Take Your Life To The Next Level. With a Life Coach you will have someone on your side who will push you to greater heights. Someone who isn't afraid to question your limiting beliefs. Someone who is honest with you and wants the best for you.
Your coach is your ally on your way to success.


Move Toward Success in Your life.

Through powerful questioning I am able to help you peel back the layers of the physical manifestation of blocks in your life to the true problem or blockage. You are then able to understand what the message is for your life and what the blockage was showing you to balance in your life.

Some root core issues that cause blockages in our lives are self-worth, self-respect, self-love, being loved and being able to love, self-empowerment, trust and power in your abilities but to name a few.

If any of these are out of balance, we will not have situations in our life to reflect flow, creativity, excitment, love and prosperity. Once you are back in the flow of your energy and life, these things are able to return and your life falls back into balance. Together we take a journey to find your balance.



"I found that there were a few areas in my life that I was not moving forward with. I just didn't have the energy to exercise or get round to some important tasks on my to do list.
I knew that I needed to do it but just didn't know how to get started or even motivated.
With Donovans help, we found my stumbling blocks and limiting beliefs and with practical guidance and steps, I was able to get excited about these things and take action!"

Kirsten Hays

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