1. Create An Abundance Money Paradigm

Welcome. Its time to take control of your emotional relationship to money!
My name is Donovan and I specialize in helping my clients to change their relationship with money so they can free themselves of their negative patterns like over-spending, feeling anxious & fearful about money, blaming their partner for their lack of financial success, trying to look the other way when it comes to their finances and the many myriad of issues that can stem from a poor relationship to money.

I Can Show You The Way. You are only in this tight position because of your past limiting values, beliefs, and actions. Who you are today is a culmination of your past. What you do today will create your future. Its time to create the future you know you deserve!

2. How Money Mastery Coaching Works

By utilising money coaching, life coaching and psychological techniques, we can delve into :

  1. How your personal history created your limiting money patterns
  2. Recognize and dispel your false beliefs and values about money
  3. Identify your major money archetype traits and work on changing them
  4. Create a positive action plan for success financial thinking and action

If you change the way you feel about money – you begin to change your relationship and results with money!

3. The Benefits Of Money Paradigm Mastery

Your life has the potential to significantly change with each and every move you now make.
When you can allow money to be your ally, your financial destiny will be altered in such a positive way that you will wonder why you didn't begin this change sooner.

The changes you will see :

  1. Greater awareness of who you are and how you deal with your money
  2. Clearer decisions on financial actions
  3. A more centered feeling around challenges and set backs
  4. To know where you want your life to go And the ability to get there!

4. Contact Me To Get Started

Price Per Session: R500

4 Session Package: R1,700

Duration of Session: 60 minutes


"I found that there were a few areas in my life that I was not moving forward with because of financial issues. I knew that there was a problem but didnt know what it was. With Donovan's help, we found my stumbling blocks and limiting beliefs and with practical guidance and steps, I was able to get excited about money, feel empowerd, worthy and take action!"

Alice Moore


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