I have found many gifts when I honestly reflect on how events in my life have carved the path of that I walk. These have been revealed to my by the study of Kinesiology & Life Coaching, by encountering the many numerous circumstances I have been a part of, and by deeply reflecting on mind, emotions and spirituality. I have found three gifts along the way of which I will share now.
My first gift. I have met my "shadow-self" many times. What's a shadow-self you ask? Its that part of you that you want to hide from yourself and the world. The part of you that you don't want to accept as part of yourself. Its your dark tendencies and urges. Its the jealous, angry, bitter, depressed, inferior, insecure, fearful version of yourself that you prefer to keep hidden in a closet. I have met my shadow-self and embraced my (once) hopeless friend. Showed him compassion and now walk side-by-side with him on this weird journey called life. I have acknowledged and accepted that I am the dark and the light. The good and the bad. The hopeful and the hopeless. I now understand that my shadow-self was only looking out for me when he was rude or despicable, scared or angry. No one gave me a how-to manual for this life, so I had to figure out how to respond to events and circumstances that made me feel uncomfortable.

Donovan Rabie - Life CoachMy second gift is that I realized that the path to success (in any form) is paved with hardship, obstacles and difficulty. That is the path! Once you understand this, you will free yourself from feeling that life is out to prevent you from succeeding. The path to success is paved with bricks made from hardship, obstacles and difficulty. These elements are at the very core of success. The whole point of succeeding is to overcome your hardships, obstacles and difficulties.

My third gift is that everyone, no matter how amazing they may seem to be. No matter how religious they may be. No matter how educated they are. No matter how rich they are. They are all as weird, messed up, confused and full of crap as I am. Some may have certain areas of their life that is better than mine, but other areas of their life are way worse than mine could ever be. No one is better (or worse) than you are. We all birthed our way into this wacky world with no clue on how to do it properly. We all need help from someone and we can all help someone who needs it from us. We operate in a symbiotic environment where one hand washes the other.

A How-To Manual For Life

We live in a crazy, beautiful world (as so eloquently stated by Johnny Clegg). No one was given the how-to guide to being Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr/Sir Perfect. We all have had to fumble and stumble along the way. Making mistakes, enemies and bad decisions. That's life! A rollercoaster that only ends in your eventual death. How bizaar is that! When you finally are allowed off the rollercoaster, you croak. Your body gets disposed of and your family cry and their rollercoaster ride keeps going. This world can be very testing, difficult and painful, but to make it to the end, you must pursue happiness IN SPITE of all the crazy-ness around you.

Love your family and friends. Don't take EVERYTHING so damn seriously. Laugh a bit more (and especially so at yourself). Appreciate nature. Always remember that someone out there will always have a more difficult life than yours. And... Always remember that someone out there will always be a little prettier, smarter, funnier, stronger and more confident than you. Express your uniqueness. Try to convince yourself Into experiences instead of convincing yourself Out of Everything. Regret is a heavy burden to carry so try not to load your bag with too many regrets.

Everything comes to an end! All the good times and the bad. Your clothes, house and jewellery will come to an end. Your friendships and relationships will one day come to an end. Everything is but a fleeting moment in time... Including your own life. So cherich the special and beautiful moments that life can present you with.

You Too Will Get Old

Always ask yourself : "Will I remember this moment a year from now?" Will you remember that person who cut you off in traffic in a few years time? That stressful moment that you are experiencing. Will you remember that in a years time? Better yet, will you remember it in a weeks time? If not, then allow yourself to let it go!
On your death bed, will you even remember all the dull dramas of your life? Will they matter? Probably not.
How about the good times spent with family and friends? Will you remember the positive contributions you made to this world? Will you remember those times? Damn straight you will. You will cherish those moments because that is all that really matters at the end of the day.

This life goes on for a long time, but before you know it, you will see an old person staring back at you in the mirror. Enjoy the fleeting moment that is your life because it aint gonna last forever!

As a person I feel I am a little dorky, quite funny and I love acquiring knowledge. Wisdom has blessed me with compassion, empathy, humour, love, appreciation and the will to serve others. I hope that I may share a laugh, have more meaningful conversations and provide ever-more value for more people along my journey.

So that's my story and my truth.