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18 September 2017

There is a light that shines in all of us. It is the light of our absolute potential. You can discover what you want most from life, work & relationships and bring that forward into an actionable plan of achievement.

Authentic Leadership

18 September 2017

The holistic leadership practise of inspiring a shared vision so great that it inspires others to tap into their own creative, talented and skillful genius in order for the vision to be realized.

What's Your Life Purpose

18 September 2017

We can feel that something sits within us that is waiting to come out and help change the world. This powerful feeling is the light in the dark. The gift in the sand.

Having A Panic Attack

21 June 2017

A Panic Attack! A brutal mix of fear, anxiety and panic to create an intensely overwhelming experience that will leave a person immobilized when it happens.

Accepting Death

29 May 2017

Death is shrouded in mystery, fear, grief, loss and heartache. Yet, it is a crucial and necessary part of life. When seen through the eyes of nature, we can learn to understand the delicate balance that is required so all life can continue to flourish.

Inner Child Healing

24 May 2017

There exists a child-like essence within the psyche of everyone on this planet. An unseen child with hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties.

To Find Meaning In Suffering

19 October 2016

To find meaning and purpose in your life and your suffering may be one of the only things that can give a person real direction in healing from the wounds of trauma and pain.

The Benefits Of Meditation

04 October 2016

The idea of meditation sounds so new age and hippie, yet it keeps bouncing around like it has some sort of value in our modern and busy lifestyles. What is it about meditation that is so fantastic?

Everything Is Energy

28 September 2016

The beauty of genius is in its simplicity. E=MC². Simple, elegant and beautiful. This equation basically says that energy and matter are the same thing and are only separated by their rate of vibration.

Reality Is Just A Matter Of Perception

08 August 2016

When we see the world, we see it through our own unique way. An event is not interpreted by what is happening...

A New Paradigm Awaits You

08 July 2016

Firstly, lets find out what a paradigm is and then see how to shift it. Paradigm Definition.1 : A paradigm is a standard, perspective, or set of ideas. A paradigm is a way of looking at something.

Fear. It's All In Your Head

13 June 2016

Danger and misfortune are very real and happen to people all the time, but it’s our thoughts about those events that can create fear in us.

The Wheel Of Life

11 June 2016

This metaphorical wheel represents the phases of change that our lives must endure...

The Male, Left Brained World

13 May 2016

The human species has grown explosively due to the influence of the male, left-brained, logical way of thinking and acting. We are living longer by warding off disease and illness.

6 Ways To Live With More Purpose

10 March 2016

Sometimes I look around and think "What the hell is going on here? Who am I? Why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing on this strange little planet?

Human Motivation - What Motivates Us?

18 January 2016

There is some thinking that all we really want in life is to not work, sit back in leisure, relax and do nothing. In essence some of that statement can be true.