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The Dissatisfaction Cycle

03 January 2018

"Why does this always happen to me?"… Is a more common question than you can imagine. Life works in cycles, which are essentially self-similar patterns repeating over and over again.

4 Reasons Why Your Life Isn't Changing

03 January 2018

Most of our general concerns are based on the fact that we are not satisfied with an aspect of our life and hope that it can change somehow, yet when we are faced with the consequences and reality of what that change will really mean.

Avoiding Life – The Art Of Procrastination

11 October 2017

We are simply creatures of habit. Every part of our daily routine is a collection of habits that we have picked up along the way, found them to be useful and then implemented them on a routinely basis so they become unconscious patterns of our routine.

5 Steps To Getting Ahead At Work

23 November 2017

If you aren't moving forwards in your career, then you are moving backwards. There is no sideways movement. Sideways movement is stagnation and that is going backwards.

What Is Hypnosis?

16 October 2017

Although very little is known to the public about hypnosis besides what has been seen on tv or on stage, it is a fascinating and sadly very mis-understood therapy. What is often associated with witches, faith healers and stage performers, is in fact far more.

Hypnosis & Past Life Regression

29 October 2017

When we experience moments of clarity, intuition, wisdom, creativity and psychic perception, we are momentarily (and often spontaneously) experiencing the power of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is free of time, space and logic.

Accepting Death

29 May 2017

Death is shrouded in mystery, fear, grief, loss and heartache. Yet, it is a crucial and necessary part of life. When seen through the eyes of nature, we can learn to understand the delicate balance that is required so all life can continue to flourish.

Inner Child Healing

24 May 2017

There exists a child-like essence within the psyche of everyone on this planet. An unseen child with hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties.

Healing The Body

19 October 2017

By using regression methods it is possible to locate the source of the problem in this life. However, it is often noted that the problem can still persist in spite of it being found in this life. This is a clear indication that something further back.

A Spiritual Awakening

04 October 2017

Humanity is currently experiencing a spiritual awakening. There is a revolution going on that is expanding our consciousness and allowing us to ask the bigger and more mysterious questions that dogmatic religion and materialistic science seems to be failing to answer.

Everything Is Energy

28 September 2016

The beauty of genius is in its simplicity. E=MC². Simple, elegant and beautiful. This equation basically says that energy and matter are the same thing and are only separated by their rate of vibration.

Reality Is Just A Matter Of Perception

08 August 2016

When we see the world, we see it through our own unique way. An event is not interpreted by what is happening...

Self-Empowerment Through Self-Awareness

08 July 2017

There is a light that shines in all of us. It is the light of our absolute potential. You can discover what you want most from life, work & relationships and bring that forward into an actionable plan of achievement.

Discover Your Life Purpose

13 June 2016

We live and are governed by a society that is starved of meaning and purpose. As if in a desperate race to the top to nowhere, we climb over.

The Wheel Of Life

11 June 2016

This metaphorical wheel represents the phases of change that our lives must endure...

The Male, Left Brained World

13 May 2016

The human species has grown explosively due to the influence of the male, left-brained, logical way of thinking and acting. We are living longer by warding off disease and illness.

6 Ways To Live With More Purpose

10 March 2016

Sometimes I look around and think "What the hell is going on here? Who am I? Why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing on this strange little planet?

Human Motivation - What Motivates Us?

18 January 2016

There is some thinking that all we really want in life is to not work, sit back in leisure, relax and do nothing. In essence some of that statement can be true.