The Dissatisfaction Cycle

03 January 2018

"Why does this always happen to me?"… Is a more common question than you can imagine. Life works in cycles, which are essentially self-similar patterns repeating over and over again.

The Dynamic Relationship Between Hypnotist and Subject

29 November 2019

There exists a dynamic relationship between a hypnotist and their subject (client) during a formal hypnotherapy session. Once the foundations of trust have been set up, and the client, for the most part understands their role in the process.

Why Does Hypnosis Work?

26 November 2019

This is where the effective strategies of hypnosis can be used to create the changes that are required. Hypnosis shares many similarities to a state in sleep known as REM (rapid eye movement). During a REM cycle a person will most likely experience the visual fantasy.

How To Stop Repeating Negative Patterns

15 November 2019

Many people often find themselves at the mercy of their lives and they tend to fall into the same repeating, negative patterns with little hope of change. While there can be many instances that can be beyond the control of an individual, for the most part, each person has the ability.

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

18 April 2019

The new-age movement has brought with it the concept of the law of attraction. This concept has created alot of confusion as to how it works. It was while watching the movie "The Secret" where I first heard of this. They stated that your thoughts create your reality and therefore you must think about what you want in life and it should present itself you.... sooner or later.

What Does It Mean To Walk The Spiritual Path?

16 April 2019

You are the centre of your universe. Your life is about you and the many experiences you will go through. Whatever you decide to do, or as is often the case, not do, is up you. If your life is run by fear and you don't want to ever leave your comfort zone, then that is your choice.

Following The Sacred Path

29 May 2017

Within all of us lies an intelligence that forces us to question our lives and the role we play in this world. This intelligence allows us to consider whether our actions are meaningful and have the ability to create value.

The Power Of Dreams

24 September 2018

Each night we embark on a mysterious journey into the unknown world of dreams. Most people view their dreams as mostly nonsensical nonsense.

Coaching Brings Out The Best In You

10 October 2018

By using regression methods it is possible to locate the source of the problem in this life. However, it is often noted that the problem can still persist in spite of it being found in this life. This is a clear indication that something further back.

The Denial Of Death

21 September 2018

Death is often seen as negative and has negative connotations attached to it. For example, when we consider how society views death, we can imagine skulls, the grim reaper, the colour black, doom etc. We have attached fear to death and this then influences our perception of the world around us.

Am I Wasting My Life?

03 September 2018

There is a quiet rumbling going on in people. It silently disturbs our dull, slumber-like existence with awkward questions like: "What am I supposed to be doing with my life?"; "Surely I am meant to do something more than this?"; "What is the meaning of all of this?"

You Can't Out-Run Fear

19 July 2018

Fear is a powerful motivator that helps you react fast so you can get out of dangerous situations. That is, if you are in a dangerous situation. If, on the other hand you experience fear due to anxiety related issues

What Anxiety Is & How You Can Better Manage It?

18 July 2018

Anxiety is a general term that is used to describe feelings of nervousness, fear, dread, apprehension and worry. Although the feeling of anxiety does not feel positive, it is in fact just the brain looking out for your best interests.


13 June 2018

Mindfulness is an ancient practice from the east that strengthens the mind by raising awareness of what is happening inside and/or outside you right now. By being fully present in the moment.

How To Move Forward In Life

06 June 2018

Most people that aren't burdened with mental illness have the capacity to transcend their limitations and change their lives for the better... if they can learn and follow the general guidelines which will be presented in this article.

The Big 5 to Achieve Your Goals

20 March 2018

Many goals end up resembling something closer a failed new years resolution than a focused, action-oriented goal. This leaves the individual with a feeling of dissatisfaction about the goal-making process.

Lets Talk About Money

16 March 2018

Money is the root of all evil. The source of great pleasure. The key ingredient for chaos, suffering, misery, fun, entertainment and contentment.

The Caterpillar & The Butterfly

18 January 2016

Natures many wonders allows us to perceive life as an analogy. Lets take a look at the incredible transformation of a simple caterpillar into the magnificent butterfly.