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Boost Your Confidence

To be in a high state of confidence opens the awareness up to possibilities, increasing the imagination & creative capacity, allows for feelings of hope & happiness and seems to make life feel more fulfilling. Confidence is a state of mind. On the converse side, when we are affected by low confidence, the world seems to be more dull, feelings of stress & anxiety are increased and a more negative mind set is created. Just like a roller-coaster, sooner or later we will all be affected by moments of high self-confidence and low self-confidence. However, there are concerns when a low self-confidence starts to become more prevelant and gets in the way of getting things done and exposing one's self to the world. Often it is the case that the person experienced critism or hard judgment in the past and now struggles to let go of those feelings when trying to put themselves out there again. The residual effects of the event/circumstance ends up holding the person back and blocking them from enjoying new possiblities and adventures that life may present, both in the personal and professional environment.
Before we carry on, let us just clear up the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence. Although very similar, they have distinct differences. Self-esteem refers to feelings within ourselves. How we look in the mirror, our thoughts, decisions, the amount of self-love (or lack of) we feel for ourselves and the way we present ourselves to the world. Self-esteem is generally a very personal, inward perception of ourselves. Confidence refers to our general ability and skill set to get tasks done effectively and play out certain roles that are required by us. It can then be seen that confidence is more an outward projection that involves others in some way.

Using Hypnotherap For Confidence Issues

The are countless individuals who, despite the fact that they get constant compliments and approval, still suffer from self-doubt. This negative mindset is an implanted belief that originated some time in the persons past. Although the story to which they believe is completely fabricated, it has no less got stuck in their as part of their unquestionable beliefs which has therefore become a matter of fact to them. When a belief has become cemented into the persons subconscious mind, it becomes part of their personality which is close to impossible to change with only conscious thought processes and will power. It is therefore a matter of getting down into the subsconscious mind where the original belief is located and work to change it there. With the effective use of hypnotherapy and its associated techniques, it will be possible to create positive changes in a persons mind.

What Happens During A Session?

Before the session takes place, a brief questionnaire will be filled in so a deeper understanding of the possible issues can start coming through. During the session, elements of the form will be talked over to shed further light on the issue. Often the root causes will be hiding among the workings of the mind, so it is important to allow the client to talk about their concerns, hopes and fears regarding the issue. From there the therapist will briefly explain how hypnosis works in cases concerning confidence, what processes will be addressed and what the client can expect during the guided journey. If there aren't any questions to be addressed by the client, the therapist will move on to the hypnosis part of the session. The plan is to help the client relax both mind and body using various induction and deepener techniques. Since the client is not asleep, they will have complete awareness of what is going on at all times. Once in a hypnotic trance, the therapist will communicate to the subconscious mind using techniques to help create behavioural change. Therefore, hypnotherapy seeks to change the beliefs of the subconscious mind. By making these deep changes in the thought patterns, it will help to create a new belief system that will empower new ways of seeing oneself and the world.

After The Session?

Depending on the severity of the case, the client may have to come back a few times. It is expected that no less than 2 sessions are required though as it is important that the client comes back from a follow-up session. The client will have a guided self-hypnosis audio to listen to between sessions to help enforce positive behaviour change.


Sessions are 1.5 hours in duration
Session Price = R550
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