Grieving Loss

One of the most powerful and difficult moments in life can happen when a loved one life is taken. The subsequent void in the lives of all those who must deal with this passing feels like it will swallow you up. The word grief can hardly sum up how painful such moments can feel. Yet, life keeps moving forward in spite of how difficult this moment is for the grieving person. Such a loss can feel entirely overwhelming and seem like there can be no end to such suffering. While the grieving process will often disrupt normal life patterns such as appetite, sleep, work and behaviour, it is also crucial to remember that these are normal reactions to major loss. While grieving is an individual process, it does not have to take on a self-destructive side. With the right people at your side, you can safely process the loss and sadness you feel, start to come to terms with it and allow yourself heal in your own time.

Support Is All Around

A positive support structure will go a long way in easing the enduring suffering of loss. Support will not take away the pain, but it assist in the process of getting back on your feet when you feel strong enough again. Hypnotherapy is able to provide a positive and empowering part of that support system. By using various techniques the hypnotherapist can ease stress & anxiety, allow for a safe space to have one last good bye and help with the higher meaning of life, death, suffering & moving forward.

Look After Yourself

It is so important to support yourself through this difficult moment. Be there for yourself as well because you need. Allow whatever emotions to come through and don't let anyone tell you how to grieve. Try eat correctly and get enough sleep. Put your pain into a creative outlet like journeying. Keep up any hobbies and interests.

There Is Always Hope

This is a journey that no one but you must walk. Even if family and friends are grieving too, they must walk their own journey that is unique to them and one that will hopefully allow them to process and heal along the way. The divine universe gives the gift of loss and the end of love. We may struggle to understand this gift, but it is given to us no less.
To know that we have had the privilege of spending precious time with loved ones. To know that they chose us as the people who they would spend their precious time with. To remember all the good times that were had together. To know that you were there for each other in the difficult times.
That is the gift of loss.

How Hypnotherapy Can Assist With Grief & Bereavement

Hypnosis is excellent help for bereavement, because the techniques are able to teach you how you can consciously decide to think a certain way about your loss. Your mind is powerful, and changing its thought patterns from grief stricken sadness and anger to love and memories can go a long way toward help with bereavement. Through grief hypnosis, you will still have your memories – but they will be less charged with painful feelings, allowing you to be able to talk openly, should you wish, without the fear of being overcome by gushing emotions.
Hypnotherapy helps you to begin to move on, to begin to live your life again and to learn to enjoy yourself once more without feeling guilty. It allows you to find ways to remember the person (pet) you have lost, and to still feel that they are part of you and part of your life.

How Many Sessions To Start With?

It is advised to start with a minimum of 4 sessions and measure the progress being made along the way. This ensures time for feedback, acknowledgement of successes, rectifying any setbacks and fine-tuning positive behavioural changes. If the presenting situation is more serious with complications that must be addressed and dealt with, then it will be essential to take a set package of 8 or 12 sessions.

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