The Motives That Drive Us

On a daily basis it is possible to consider hundreds of choices with an infinite amount of outcomes. Depending on a variety of factors such as current mood; conditioned behaviour, beliefs & values; (mis)understanding of choice, one can make very valuable decisions with positive outcomes or very negative decisions with poor outcomes.
The subconscious mind often dominates such processes especially when snap decisions and judgments are made. These decisions and judgments are based on the effect of our past conditioning/programming.

Value Gained From Procrastinating

It may be difficult to accept that you gain value from procrastinating, but the truth however is that you will only do that which provides value... That is, until you stop getting value from it.
If you look deeply at why you procrastinate, you will find that it prevents you from taking action. That action creates a sense of uncertainty, a move into the unknown and possibly even (what your subconscious may perceive as) danger. In order to not experience any of these seemingly negative events, your basic fight/flight programming will kick into gear and prevent you from taking action. No matter how much you may regret procrastinating or how frustrating it feels that you can't break through it, the main thing to remember is that your subconscious is trying to protect you in some way. No matter how great and/or valuable the result of taking action may appear, your subconscious will perceive it as something to fear or as danger and move you away from it.

Freedom To Move Forward

By using various techniques that involve Specialized Kinesiology & Life Coaching, I can help you locate the source of your issues, bring it to the light and work on methods of moving beyond your limitations. Together, we will analyses any deep seated sabotages, fears & negative values and provide suitable solutions and techniques to prevent them from further limiting your life.

The Magic Of Hypnotherapy

By using various techniques in Hypnotherapy, it is possible to discover the deep-seated and long-held subconscious programming that is controlling your beliefs, your dominating emotions and your perspective on life.
By bringing such factors to the light, we can then understand why you do the things you do and why you have got the outcomes & results that you have always achieved. Through this enlightening process of discovery we can begin to change the limiting programming that is holding you back from a happy and successful life.

How Many Sessions To Start With?

It is advised to start with a minimum of 4 sessions and measure the progress being made along the way. This ensures time for feedback, acknowledgement of successes, rectifying any setbacks and fine-tuning positive behavioural changes. If the presenting situation is more serious with complications that must be addressed and dealt with, then it will be essential to take a set package of 8 or 12 sessions.

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