Exploring Soul Healing Therapy

Soul healing therapy is a unique blend of hypnotherapy, past life regression, spirit releasement therapy, shamanism & soul-centered coaching. The soul healing therapy method recognises all dimensions of a person which includes, but is not limited to the physical, emotional, spiritual & metaphysical. With the assistance of hypnotic trance, the client can identify & resolve deep-seated negative behaviour patterns, destructive dynamics and limiting lifestyle choices that operate at these levels outside ordinary consciousness. These issues tend to cling to the person and will create blocking & defence tactics when someone such as a therapist attempts to expose them. Furthermore, when a person experiences pain and/or trauma, the may unintentionally invite spirit entities into the energy body which can also create blocking & defences.

A Holistic Approach To Healing

Soul healing therapy recognises that humanity is made up of seen and unseen forces which can negatively affect a person's emotional and physiological aspects. By gaining access to the realms between our ordinary reality, we can connect with our helping spirit guides to get answers and clarity about our life, and further can detect if and how the energetic body has been affected by trauma.

It may be surprising and disconcerting to realise that parts of our younger selves, past life parts and energetic beings can attach to a person, but this has been seen over and over again during such therapy. What is most important is: 1) Identify what or who is occupying such spaces. 2) recognise how their presence has been negatively impacting the person's life. 3) Notice if there were any good intentions. 4) Use protocols to free the person of such forces.

Types Of Spirits

Spirits come in many forms, on a spectrum from helpful to unhelpful. For basic purposes we will focus on the five types of spiritual entities that we encounter in a therapeutic context.
There are two types are types of spirits that do not require Soul Healing Therapy;
1) The Client’s Higher Self and 2) The Client’s Spirit Guides.
There are three types of spirits do require Soul Healing Therapy.
1) Earthbound Spirits EBs, 2) Dark Force Entities DFEs, 3) Extraterrestrials ETs.

During A Soul Healing Therapy Session

Hypnosis aims to subdue or move past the analytical/rational/logical behaviour of the conscious mind and gain access to the workings of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a mind boggling landscape of infinite wisdom, capacity, knowledge, creativity and potential. With most of the clients limiting beliefs out the way, the hypnosis practitioner can start gaining access to this landscape. The very nature of these factors of the subconscious mind may be the doorway that allows access to these higher realms.

After The Session

Soul healing therapy sessions are very powerful experiences that is felt on a visceral level by the client. In conclusion of the session, the client may feel anything from elated and/or a greater sense of awareness to confusion and/or heaviness. Its all part of the healing process and is just the mind trying to make sense of the information and learning to adapt to the changes that were created.

Is Soul Healing Therapy For You?
  • Do you have enduring conflict with close family members?
  • Do you struggling with addictive behaviour or addictive substances?
  • Are you struggling to move on after the end of a relationship?
  • Do you repeat the same challenging patterns?
  • Do you feel stuck in life like you can't move forward?
  • Are you searching for your life purpose?
  • Are you struggling to manage anxiety and/or depression?
  • Have you had an immediate negative reaction to someone for no apparent reason?
  • Do you feel fragmented, lost in life or not "quite with it"?
  • Are you interested in NDE's or ever experienced one (near death experience)?
  • Do you have uncontrollable weight issues?
  • Are you challenged with enduring grief over the loss of a loved one who has died?
  • Do you have numerous injuries or accidents?
  • Do you have recurring dreams/nightmares?
  • Have you dabbling in the dark esoteric arts?
  • Do you ever feel numb, apathetic or deadened?
  • Do you feel like an energetic force is attached to you?
  • Are you challenged by self-limiting attitudes and beliefs?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then you might want to consider soul healing therapy.

How Many Sessions To Start With?

It is advised to start with a minimum of 4 sessions and measure the progress being made along the way. This ensures time for feedback, acknowledgement of successes, rectifying any setbacks and fine-tuning positive behavioural changes. If the presenting situation is more serious with complications that must be addressed and dealt with, then it will be essential to consider further sessions.

4 Session Soul Healing Therapy Package: Total: R2,160

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