Every person should enjoy (at the very least) most aspects of their life. However, life will throw many curve balls, which can often impacts a persons well-being quite severely, leaving them with a half fulfilled life.

At our core, we all generally seek the following :

  • Enjoy healthy, meaningful relationships
  • To have a career/work that allows one to grow and develop
  • Believing in something larger than ourselves
  • To live a fulfilling and good life
  • To use ones strengths, skills and talents
  • To be more positive and less negative
  • To make a positive difference in the world
The Client Designs Their Life

The life coach encourages and emphasizes that the client is the designer and creator of their life. The client, with some help from the life coach will be able to find the answers to the roadblocks in their life. It is the coaches responsibility to discover, clarify and align with what the client wants to achieve; encourage self-discovery; elicit client-generated strategies & ideas; and hold the client responsible & accountable.

A Dynamic Partnership

Life coaching is a powerful partnership with a client that provokes creative, reflective and inspiring thought processes to help the client maximize their potential in the personal and professional lives. The coach acknowledges and honours the client as the expert in their life, and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole and as such can design their future rather than get over their past. Through powerful questioning, deep listening and direct communication, the coach is able to challenge the clients thinking so that increased awareness and change can ensue.

Goal Oriented Coaching

Each client will come with their own expectations and perspectives on what they would like to achieve with their coaching sessions. The coach will then discover the intentions and desires of the client so that a direct path to success can be established. Upon these discoveries, the coach and will assess the clients goals and their importance in the clients life; what drains their energy; what are the clients current life obstacles and to help find ways to clear some of the obstacles.