Life Coaching Tips – Do You Want to Discover Your Life Purpose?

The Void In Our Lives

As a Life Coach, I notice how we live and are governed by a society that is starved of meaning and purpose. As if in a desperate race to the top to nowhere, we climb over each other, looking for signs of leadership and guidance to assist us in what often appears to be a meaningless journey to a life half-lived. Furthermore, we consume everything in our path like starving animals. We have a wealth of information, yet we lack wisdom. Our leaders are just as lost and find their own saving grace in greed and corruption. We are a failing society that is destroying the Earth for short-term gratification. Money is the new religion and short-term gratification, the new drug.

Hope Comes From Within

Yet, despite this apparent bleak situation, we can feel that something sits within us that is waiting to come out and help change the world. This powerful feeling is the light in the dark. The gift in the sand. It seeks to create value, opportunity, innovation and positive change for all. It sees money as merely an energetic exchange that works toward creating fair trade, as opposed to a scarce commodity that must be hoarded. It creates co-operation and thrives in a balanced community of free thinkers and game-changers. This awesome force is a gift from the most authentic aspect of you to the world.

  • You feel stuck in your life
  • You feel stuck in your career
  • You feel stuck in achieving your potential
  • You feel stuck managing your work/life balance
  • You feel stuck trying to understand what it is you really want
  • You are searching… for something…
  • You feel you have a purpose, but not sure what
  • You feel like you are destined for something bigger
  • You are asking life questions that society can’t answer

What Am I Talking About?

I am talking about your life purpose. Your higher purpose is specific to you. It is that which seems to transcend the basic limitations of greed, scarcity, lack and limitation. This higher purpose is the game-changer, the innovator, the community builder and the creative genius that knows no bounds. Your life purpose seeks to solve problems with solutions that benefit all involved.

Where To From Here?

What are you looking for in life? What is holding you back or limiting your resources? What keeps you up at night? What will it take to create and become that version of yourself that you are looking for? What unique aspects of yourself can you offer to the world that can make a difference? These are gigantic questions!… And they should be! We all have something to offer this world and it is our job and our duty to ourselves to discover what that is.

The Pill Of Truth

The reason most people won’t walk this path is that it will test your comfort zones and expose your limiting beliefs, values & excuses. This journey of self-discovery will push your buttons, but it’s these very issues that in the future will create regret for a life half-lived and the pains of knowing you could have been more, yet you chose to settle for less.
Let us not sugar-coat this, change is a process that takes sacrifice and a greater awareness of the bigger picture. Your life’s purpose is the ultimate expression of yourself to the world. It is a beautiful gift that was given to you to show you how you are the ultimate creator of your world.

With That Being Said…

This is a truly life-changing and rewarding process that can open you up to opportunities, prosperity and that all-powerful sense of meaning. For to have a life driven by meaning, is essentially the greatest gift we could ever ask for.

Thanks for reading,
Donovan – Life Coach

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