Life Coaching Advise – Are we Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening?

The more I work with life coaching, the more I find that humanity is currently experiencing a spiritual awakening. There is a revolution going on that is expanding our consciousness and allowing us to ask the bigger and more mysterious questions that dogmatic religion and materialistic science seems to be failing to answer. Although mystics and highly advanced spiritual seekers have known such mysteries for aeons, it is our modern civilisation that is only now waking up from centuries of a dumbed-down mental slumber. We are now starting to realise that not only is there more to life than we think, but there is a lot more to the after-life than we can imagine. There are just too many first-hand accounts of people going through these experiences to keep ignoring it. You don’t have to research for too long until you start coming up with articles, reports and accounts of near-death experiences, past life regressions, out-of-body experiences, apparitions, psychic phenomena and many many more to name a few. Just like a powerful steam engine, humanities quest for growth and change keeps charging forward, in spite of the many authorities who try to hold it back.

When at one time people were persecuted and executed for having strange abilities and experiences, to later being ridiculed & mocked, to a stage now where a greater sense of acceptance is being found. Thanks to quantum science and research into psychic phenomena, we are seeing huge leaps forward in officially validating this expanded way of experiencing the world. What lies in our near future? Maybe we will soon get to a point where we can view the person as a spiritual being enveloped in a physical body and then medically and psychologically have the appropriate tools and skills to treat them as such.

We Are Waking Up

When enough members of the collective unconscious begin to become conscious of their spiritual nature, the new way of experiencing this rich and dynamic reality will start to shift automatically. That is why change can only be held back, but can never be stopped. Our need and desire to know more, experience more and to question more allows us to pursue who we really are underneath our limited conditioning.

It is thanks to the fact that we can experience altered states of consciousness, as is often the case during a life coaching session, that we continue to evolve spiritually. The simple acts of sleep and meditation can have profound mystical revelations. Even extreme stress and trauma can create powerful experiences. Plant medicine rituals have been practised for millennia that create intense clarity and insight into the workings of the mind. Its as though our higher consciousness is in desperate need to come out and show us who we really are and what we are really capable of.

It goes without saying that if we don’t evolve our mindset to understand that we are a part of nature and not owners of it, as we currently act, then we will completely destroy ourselves in the process. Nature will eventually bounce back once we are gone and continue its path. It is now up to us to start tapping into the wisdom of our collective consciousness, find the solutions that lie within our current problems and grow from this point in time instead of being buried under the mess we have made.

By being able to acknowledge that the story of this reality is much bigger and more complex than we ever realised, we will see that our ignorance and arrogance is getting in the way of better understanding this reality. By understanding the intelligence and symbiotic harmony that exists in nature, we will not only respect it more, but learn from this ancient and intelligent entity. By simply practising kindness, compassion and co-operation, we will grow as a species.

By utilising the gifts of being able to glimpse into past lives, the space between lives and all the extraordinary phenomena out there, we can have tools to learn, grow and be better people. When we can put fear of the unknown aside and take a step in faith, we will be granted with life changing experiences that are available to everyone and not just a select few. The average person can have mystical and profound experiences that bring about the changes we so desperately seek. The time is now. The wave of change cannot be stopped. Its time to not only think, but to feel for ourselves and find out who we actually are and what we are doing here.

Symptoms Of Waking Up

  • You start questioning old beliefs about yourself and society
  • You are remembering past lives
  • You feel the suffering in the world
  • You want to help the world ease its suffering in some way
  • Your dreams start revealing information and insight
  • You are more aware of the food and drink you put in your body
  • You seek meaning in your life
  • Your intuition, inspiration and creativity becomes heightened
  • You become averse to conflict
  • You start to feel you are part of something big
  • You start getting a glimpse of the oneness in everything
  • You start respecting nature more

Waking Up Can Be Tough

There are consequences to waking up your expanding consciousness. You feel more and understand more which can be confusing, painful and sad. You realise that you are responsible for the actions, decisions and choices you make, and whatever you do and say affects those around you. At time you may feel small and useless when you consider how much change needs to happen in the world. You will be confronted with the ugly-ness in people… and yourself!

If the journey starts to become too difficult then it is advisable to consult with a good life coach in your area for assistance.

However, you will find that even those that either struggle to wake up or continue to live fast asleep also suffer. Its just that they won’t know that they can ease their suffering by dealing with themselves. This is the big difference. If you have the courage to look at yourself and be honest with how you are, then your life will change. But it takes time and life will always be there to throw you a curve ball when you not looking.

All paths to freedom and enlightenment will have obstacles. But its the obstacles that contain the hidden gems.

Thanks for reading,
Donovan – Life Coach

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