Life Coaching Tips – Are You Struggling With Motivation?

While on the outset it may seem like your brain has turned to mush, but you must remember that you are dealing with a global crisis that is affecting most of the world.
Great life coaches will agree, that while it may feel good at times to be home and away from work that your sense of normal no longer exists, and you must therefore create a new normal. You must adjust your routines, patterns and behaviours to better suit your new (and ever-changing) environment.

We are experts at pattern-matching and routine-making. It is an efficient and reliable mechanism that allows us to get on with our day with very little conscious effort. This, however, doesn’t account for major disruptions, like this crisis we are experiencing. Now the person must think: “Do I have my mask on me?”, “What constitutes a safe distance from another person?” etc. Simple things like that would never have crossed our minds before this must now be added into our (already) busy schedule.

Not only do you have all this extra stuff going on, but you have spent the last 6 weeks in your house, with very little movement. The brain loves to conserve energy, and that’s why it feels so good to chill and watch movies. It’s like a reward for not expending energy.
Now with a sudden change in your pyjama-wearing, messy hair, lazy, tv-watching routine, it is no wonder it’s a challenge to get motivated again.
But there is hope. I always tell my clients during a life coaching session that all they have to do is take it one step at a time. Get your first workday done and dusted. From there, you will be back in the swing of things, and maybe only minor adjustments will need to be made. Work requires the more professional part of you to step forward, which it will. That part gets you up when your alarm goes off; helps to “dress the part”; gets you to the office; and put the right mindset on to get the job done!

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Donovan – Life Coach

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