Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

Although the subject of hypnosis, may seem mysterious, it is merely a state of focused concentration while the body is relaxed. Its the same as when you are watching an intense movie and although things may be happening around you, your mind chooses to block it out. Regardless, of who is doing the hypnosis, essentially all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. No one can make your mind go into a hypnotic state if you don’t want to, it is not possible to get stuck in an hypnotic state and your mind will always be aware of its surroundings. When used as a therapy, the therapist is seen as a guide who will assist the client by guiding them through various relaxations, inductions and scripts so that a desired outcome can be achieved. Just like in meditation, hypnosis and past life regression use the above mentioned methods to access to the workings of the subconscious mind. These parts of the mind are hidden below the surface of the conscious mind which is responsible for getting us through the easy and mundane tasks of day-to-day living. Just like an iceberg, the subconscious mind are hidden below the surface and their processing power is beyond the conscious perception of the conscious mind.

The Subconscious Mind

When we experience moments of clarity, intuition, wisdom, creativity and psychic perception, we are momentarily (and often spontaneously) experiencing the power of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is free of time, space and logic. It can be seen in the workings of dreams where these parameters do not exist, yet the dream can make perfect sense while the person is experiencing it. It hypnosis we try to bring this potential forward while the person is still awake. This allows the opportunity for effective problem solving, personal growth and healing from psychological trauma. Depending on what the basis of the hypnosis session is about, the lighter or deeper the hypnotic trance will need to be. During a past life regression, it is preferred to be in a deep state of hypnosis where the superconscious mind can be found (however, this is located in a very deep state of trance). Although these deep states are close to the border of sleep, the client will not fall into sleep while experiencing a past life as the back-and-forth dialogue between client and practitioner will prevent the mind from dipping lower into the sleep states. Despite being in such a deep state of hypnosis and so open to suggestion, the mind still has the ability to protect itself by being able to comment, criticize and censor information. Hypnosis is not a truth serum.

Past Life Regression

When under-going a past life regression session, the client will always be aware of their surroundings and be able to communicate verbally what they are experiencing. I compare it to watching a movie. While watching any movie, you have a clear understanding that you are witnessing a movie on a screen. Some movies are interesting, but you aren’t too drawn in to the story. Some movies very interesting and have the ability to draw you in to the story. And then some movies captivate your attention and its almost as though you are in the movie. Regardless of how deep the client goes into the experience, they will always be able to emotionally sense or feel things to give indications of how the scene will unfold. Most, but not all clients can visually see the experience. If for example the client is choking in a past life experience, they will be able to sense that they are choking and not only communicate so, but will not in most cases will not actually begin choking (although this can happen, the therapist will ensure that the experience is only going on in the mind and they have full control of their body so they have the power to make it stop). The main aim of a past life regression is to firstly ensure that the experience is remembered and secondly to assist the client with healing, clues, gifts and clarity for what is happening in this life and how to make it better. There is a creative genius that sits within us. The solutions to all our problems sit within us and it is up to us to decide if we would like to dig deep enough to find them.

Because the client has complete awareness of who they currently are, where they are located and what they are doing during a past life regression, they will be easily able to communicate in normal English even if they are experiencing a past life from another foreign country. The mind keeps trying to make sense of what it is perceiving, so if the past life journey has horse-drawn carts and people in medieval clothing, it will assume that the experience is from at least around the 16th century.

If you can believe in the act of reincarnation, then you can see that although one life may come and go, the actual soul journey through these lifetimes is continuous. Therefore, we can start to get a glimpse of karma and it role in the sequence. While going about the many lives that a soul will play out, there will be a host of different situations and events that can stay unresolved in just one life time. It must be said that karma is just the act of stabilization. Nature is often a good example of balancing itself until it can re-establish harmony. So when our own karma is not resolved in a lifetime, the soul will choose to come back in another life time to hopefully correct and balance past karmic situations and therefore grow from the experience.

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