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What They Don’t Want To Tell You About Success!

During a Life Coaching session, my clients are often confronted by the tension of needing to make important life changes and the corresponding resistance to change. Dr Jordan B. Peterson, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, clinical psychologist, and the famous author states that humans have the ability to bargain with the future by making valuable sacrifices in the present.
This profound statement has stuck with me as it seems like the exact recipe for success.
There are so many people out there saying that you must do what you love, and find out what your passion is and pursue it. However, what very few are willing to acknowledge is how challenging the path to success really is.
If we go back to Dr Peterson’s statement we will notice that valuable sacrifices are needed to be made in the present in order to bargain with one’s future. Not expendable, worthless, convenient sacrifices… What Valuable Sacrifices are needed to be made? In other words, how much time, money, resources, and energy are you willing to sacrifice so that you can one day achieve success? This is a much tougher question to deal with than just merely trying to find your passion and half expecting an easy path to success.

Why do you think so few people ever become successful? Really think about this one before reading on…

One of the main and most obvious reasons is that all of our basic survival needs (food, water, shelter, safety) are met and most of our comfort needs (love, connection, self-esteem) are met.
So why bother? Who wants to pay for an expensive course? Who wants to fail countless times at something before the potential for success may be achieved? Who wants to focus on making something work when they could rather be out socialising? Who wants to sacrifice so much for days, weeks, and years until they finally start seeing some light at the end of the tunnel? Who wants to take on such a difficult task when everyone around them is telling them to just give up?
If you ever watch a person at the beginning stages of their success journey it will look like they have lost the plot. Like madness has crept into their mind. Like they have lost touch with reality. They say sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between genius and madness… and you can see why.
There are not many people that can allow themselves to make such valuable sacrifices in the hopes of making a worthy bargain with their future.
This is the reason why no one wants to talk about this part of success… because it’s confrontational. It’s the pill of truth that feels impossible to swallow.


Deep down in our souls, we all know we are destined for something great. That we came to this planet for a reason. And we can always feel the call to pursue it. This is why you get those crazy fools sacrificing so much for success because they are the one’s who have responded to the call.
If a parent looks lovingly at their baby they will convince themselves that their child is special and that their child is going to make a difference in this world… and the strange thing is, their child might just do that exact thing.

So what I am asking you is, how much value are you willing to sacrifice in the present moment so that you can effectively bargain with your own future?

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