Age Regression

Age regression therapy seeks to positively change behaviour so the individual can work on creating the life they truly deserve and desire.

Age Regression Therapy

What is Age Regression Therapy?

To fully understand the concept, we need to take one or two steps back in terms of understanding how our minds work.


The human mind is as fascinating as it is complex. It’s storage capacity is like a vast and seemingly infinite library. This intelligent library not only stores information, but uses such information when it may be of most value. There is no computing power that can and may ever be able to compete with the unique skill-set that the average brain can process. Artificial intelligence may be able to intellectually outsmart humans, but it will probably never get to the point where it can seamlessly blend IQ (intellectual quotient), EQ (emotional quotient) & SQ (spiritual quotient) to create a functional human experience.

The average human brain takes in stimulus from the outside world via the 5 senses, categorizes it into understandable chunks of information (based on prior learning eg: You see a green and brown object. You have learn’t that with it characteristics, it is a tree), assesses the situation to ensure safety, creates an emotional response (via hormone secretion), allows you to consider appropriate actions/in-actions, which will then create an outcome. Based on that outcome the brain will start the whole process again to consider further responses to the outcome.

Now consider how often the variables change that come at you from the outside world on a day-to-day basis. We are never presented with the exact same variables, only (at most) similar variables. So the brain is constantly trying to process information from the outside world and create (as appropriate as possible) responses which will hopefully provide desired outcomes. You may be wondering what this has to do with age regression therapy at this point, but stay with me for a moment and it will all start to clear up.

When a person is trying to deal with a current issue, their brain will look back into the past to try find the best, fastest & easiest method/s to get the desired result. This method/s is based on aligning ones self with prior successes in similar situations and/or staying away from thoughts, beliefs, values & assumptions that created undesirable results. If this is so, then why do we have problems in our lives? Why do we have self-destructive behaviour?