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Chakra Balancing Therapy

Chakra balancing is not a one size fits all to resolve inner conflicts, on-going stress or deep seated limiting patterns but rather is fantastic for energy flow and general energy health! What are Chakras? Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’, spinning life-force energy into or out of the body. There are seven major chakras […]

Gender-based Violence in the South African Context

“Toxic Masculinity, Violence against Women and Children, Racism, are all pernicious diseases prevalent in our world. Along with pandemics, we need to get rid of these vicious negativities as well. We have to make this World change for the better.” – Avijeet Das Gender-based violence has become increasingly more prevalent in the media as the […]

Spiritual Path Issues From Past Lives

Most applications so far have been to overcome blocks. Clients seek out past life sessions to overcome blocks in their spiritual path, and to reconnect with skills or abilities they had through past lives as spiritual practitioners or healers. Clients may find themselves attracted to new religions or paths – and have questions about which […]

Real Men Don’t Hit Women

Real Men Don’t Hit Women – Gender-based Violence Awareness The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the severity of gender-based violence in South Africa, with local leaders calling it the 2nd pandemic. Our beautiful land has been smeared with blood and tears from our violent past of Apartheid and the subsequent inequality that is viscerally felt by the […]

What’s The Big Deal About Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has become quite a buzzword over the recent years with it’s influence moving from meditation practises, into therapy sessions, and even through the corporate world. While it can be used as hype, it’s intention is to help people calm the neurotic mind by bringing their attention to the present moment. Most often our thoughts […]

No.1 Reasons Why People Suffer With Anxiety

Almost all of my clients who suffer with anxiety are also hard on themselves. While not everyone who has anxiety is hard on themselves, I have found that most times, if my client has anxiety, they will also have a tendency to be hard on themselves. They will be hard on themselves because they often […]

Top 5 Life Coaching Tips to Live Your Best Life

There are not many changes that my clients need to make when they embark on their life coaching journey. A few simple steps in the right direction is all it takes to achieve massive results. Below you will find 5 simple life coaching tips that you can implement today that will reap the greatest rewards, […]

Life Coaching Experiment – Results from my Emotional Intelligence Test

*The emotional intelligence test can be found by following this link: https://www.psychologytoday.com/za/tests/personality/emotional-intelligence-test I received a total score of 76 on my emotional intelligence test. As a life coach I somewhat expected this result but may have hoped for a slightly higher score since I spend a fair amount of time introspecting on my thoughts, behaviours, […]