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The Dynamic Relationship Between Life Coach and Subject

There exists a dynamic relationship between a life coach and their subject (client) during a formal Life Coaching session. Once the foundations of trust have been set up, and the client, for the most part, understands their role in the process, the client will then allow the counsellor to begin the therapeutic process. The special […]

Life Coaching Advise – Following The Sacred Path

I have seen, as a Life Coach, that within all of us lies an intelligence that forces us to question our lives and the role we play in this world. This intelligence allows us to consider whether our actions are meaningful and have the ability to create value. When this intelligence is used as a […]

Can Life Coaching Bring Out The Best In You?

The philosophy in Life Coaching is that the client knows the right answers for their own life. The Life Coach doesn’t try to solve the client’s problems for them, they work with brilliant techniques and skills to draw out what the client really wants for their own life. The brain is an excellent problem solver […]

Life Coaching Thoughts – Why do we deny Death?

As a Life Coach, I have assisted my clients with their concerns about death. Death is often seen as negative and has negative connotations attached to it. For example, when we consider how society views death, we can imagine skulls, the grim reaper, the colour black, doom etc. We have attached fear to death and […]

Life Coaching Tips – Am I Wasting My Life?

There is a quiet rumbling going on in people that I see in my Life Coaching practice. It silently disturbs our dull, slumber-like existence with awkward questions like: “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?”; “Surely I am meant to do something more than this?”; “What is the meaning of all of […]

Life Coaching Advise – You Can’t Out-Run Fear

Fear is a powerful motivator that helps you react fast so you can get out of dangerous situations. That is if you are in a dangerous situation. If, on the other hand, you experience fear due to anxiety-related issues for example, then fear will become your worst nightmare if you are not educated on how […]