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Can a Life Coach Teach Self-Efficacy?

Firstly, what is self-efficacy? Self-efficacy is the belief in one’s own capacity to successfully execute performance-specific behaviours to attain their goal which has a proactive effect on their performance. Albert Bandura, the father of self-efficacious philosophy said it best when he claimed, “perceived self-efficacy is concerned not with the number of skills you have, but […]

What Exactly is Life Coaching?

Sir John Whitmore was one of the pioneering and influential figures in the life coaching industry. In his seminal book, Coaching for performance, Whitmore drew on Timothy Gallwey’s inner game model that recognises that the internal state of an individual plays a significant factor in performance. Whitmore states in his book that coaching is about […]

Personal Characteristics of an Effective Life Coach

It has been found that effective life coaches embody particular qualities and characteristics that create a significant impact on the relationship they share with their clients. Furthermore, these qualities and characteristics have a determining effect on the successful outcomes of the coaching interventions. Since being in the field for a few years now I feel […]