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Why change is hard & what you can do about it [Strategy]

Even with the promise of a better future, most people that come to see a life coach still find it incredibly challenging to overcome the downward pull of their past habits and behaviours. The question we must then ask is, why? Why do we struggle to change? This article will investigate what change is, why […]

Top 5 Life Coaching Tips to Live Your Best Life

There are not many changes that my clients need to make when they embark on their life coaching journey. A few simple steps in the right direction is all it takes to achieve massive results. Below you will find 5 simple life coaching tips that you can implement today that will reap the greatest rewards, […]

Life Coaching Contemplation – Who Am I? [Updated Revision]

I believe that who I am (besides being a life coach by profession) is mostly composed of self-created schemas from my past that help me to better understand myself, the world around me, and how I can (hopefully) effectively function in it. The self, in this case, my self is an ongoing and evolving process […]