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Why Does Hypnosis Work?

Creating Stories in The Mind The mind is the greatest super computer we know. It is designed to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances that life presents to it. This is done with the assistance of the 5 senses, and dare I say it, the psychic 6th sense. The stimulus from the outside world constantly bombards […]

A Deeper Investigation Into Hypnosis

Although very little is known to the public about hypnosis besides what has been seen on tv or on stage, it is a fascinating and sadly very mis-understood therapy. What is often associated with witches, faith healers and stage performers, is in fact far more obvious, practical and used by everyone on an almost daily […]

What Is Hypnosis?

Creating Change With Hypnosis When asked about hypnosis, most people will recall some theatrical stage show where they witnessed weird and wonderful behaviour going on by some unfortunate volunteers. However, little is known to the public about the positive power of hypnosis when it comes to assisting people with major concerns such as stress, trauma, […]