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Carl Rogers

Person-Centered Therapy – A Useful Model for Coaching

The counselling model that aligns with my characteristics as a life coach As a life coach, I am attracted to person-centered therapy as I feel that an important element of counselling (and life coaching) is to recognise that every individual has the capacity to resolve their own issues, have the capacity to define and clarify […]

Human Motivation

What They Don’t Want To Tell You About Success!

During a Life Coaching session, my clients are often confronted by the tension of needing to make important life changes and the corresponding resistance to change. Dr Jordan B. Peterson, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, clinical psychologist, and the famous author states that humans have the ability to bargain with the future […]

The Dark Night of The Soul

Part of the “life experience” is the ability to endure hardships, difficult situations, loss, and painful emotions. This difficult issue is often clearly highlighted when clients engage with Life Coaching. While such things are a part of the human experience it is a rollercoaster that no one wants to get on, but as life so […]