Energy Healing Therapy

Transpersonal hypnotherapist and life coach, Donovan Rabie, has helped a wide variety of clients heal their life-force energy, balance their chakras, and mend their auras. He invites you on this once-in-a-lifetime journey to tap into who you really are as a soul.

Energy healing is not a one size fits all to resolve inner conflicts, on-going stress or deep seated limiting patterns but rather is fantastic for energy flow and general energy health!

What is Energy Healing Therapy?

We are emotional beings with many different layers and components. On the physical side we have the body, the mind and subconscious mind, the meridians, the organs, the cells, energy centers (chakra’s), acupressure points and many other components which are a complete network & all connect and talk to each other. If just one of these components are out, we will have imbalanced energy.

There can be a myriad of triggers, stresses, unresolved emotions, past pain and traumas, injury, addictions, abuse and much more. Any surface trigger has a much deeper issue that is yet to be looked at. If not resolved and healed, this imbalance will leave you feeling totally unbalanced, stagnant, blocked or unhappy.

Examples of our many unresolved emotions may be resentment, resistance, lack of self-love, feeling unloved/unlovable, troubles with self-esteem, self-worth, self-power, self-respect, self-acceptance, deep seated anger or anxiety, phobias, fear to let go, control and much much more.

Testimonial: “Very inspirational and insightful, amazing what your soul can remember and how it influence your life!” – Letitia

Energy Healing is as with any therapy, an ongoing process of self discovery, self-awareness and transformation. Often times we are not yet fully ready to visit the crux of a situation as it is very painful and need to work on layers that interlink to the pain but do not reach it directly.

Other times, we are in total allowance in our subconscious and higher self to shift, that we go straight to the crux of the situation/s and shift tremendously! Shifting and healing is different for everybody and so you will feel relief and change from the 1st session but as with anything, it takes a little bit of work and digging around to completely change many areas of your life.

During this process, you will gain self-awareness and become more aware of where you are at on your journey. If something manifests or begins to niggle at you after you have been for a session, you then know that it is time to go deeper or balance the thing that has caught your attention. What is causing this mirror in your life that you need to look at within yourself?

Price Packages

  • 1 x 1Hr Healing Session


“My husband actually thanked me for taking him to see Donovan earlier this month. He said that the experience felt like a full body massage. He came out of just one session feeling relaxed and having some closure regarding some of the issues he’s been battling with. We would recommend Donovan Rabie for those who want some soul searching answers maybe and for those who believe that there’s so much more to life than that which meets the eye. We would definitely like to see him again.” – Vani

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Donovan Rabie – Life Coach & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

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