Soul Healing Therapy

Having helped a wide variety of clients explore the wonders of soul healing therapy, I invite you on this enlightening journey to tap into who you really are as a soul.

Working With Your Spirit Guide

We all have a spirit guide/guardian angel that works closely with us, behind the scenes. Their presence is subtle, as if by a whisper, they gently guide us on the path of our unique life journey. The more we can learn to work with, and connect to this guiding angel, the more purposeful and meaningful our journey in this life will become.

Soul Healing Therapy seeks to successfully assist the client toward re-uniting with their timeless ally and friend. Incredible knowledge, wisdom and insights can be gained about a clients life, when they share their concerns with their spirit guide.

Furthermore, it is possible to then explore the space between lives, or as Dr. Michael Newton likes to call it, the “life between lives”. Here, the client can visit profound healing spaces; learn from the council of elders; and indulge in the vast spaces of the great library.

It is important to remember that we are first and foremost souls having a human experience, and secondly, that we all have a unique and special purpose for being on this planet, and it’s our job to discover what that is.

Exploring Soul Healing Therapy

Soul Healing Therapy is a unique blend of hypnotherapy, past life regression, spirit release therapy, inner child healing & soul-centered coaching.

The Soul Healing Therapy method recognises all dimensions of a person which includes, but is not limited to the physical, emotional, spiritual & metaphysical. With the assistance of hypnotic trance, the client can identify & resolve deep-seated negative behaviour patterns, destructive dynamics and limiting lifestyle choices that operate at these levels outside ordinary consciousness. These issues tend to cling to the person and will create blocking & defence tactics when someone such as a therapist attempts to expose them.