Life Coaching Tips – Are You Struggling With Motivation?

While on the outset it may seem like your brain has turned to mush, but you must remember that you are dealing with a global crisis that is affecting most of the world.
Great life coaches will agree, that while it may feel good at times to be home and away from work that your sense of normal no longer exists, and you must therefore create a new normal. You must adjust your routines, patterns and behaviours to better suit your new (and ever-changing) environment.

We are experts at pattern-matching and routine-making. It is an efficient and reliable mechanism that allows us to get on with our day with very little conscious effort. This, however, doesn’t account for major disruptions, like this crisis we are experiencing. Now the person must think: “Do I have my mask on me?”, “What constitutes a safe distance from another person?” etc. Simple things like that would never have crossed our minds before this must now be added into our (already) busy schedule.

Not only do you have all this extra stuff going on, but you have spent the last 6 weeks in your house, with very little movement. The brain loves to conserve energy, and that’s why it feels so good to chill and watch movies. It’s like a reward for not expending energy.
Now with a sudden change in your pyjama-wearing, messy hair, lazy, tv-watching routine, it is no wonder it’s a challenge to get motivated again.
But there is hope. I always tell my clients during a life coaching session that all they have to do is take it one step at a time. Get your first workday done and dusted. From there, you will be back in the swing of things, and maybe only minor adjustments will need to be made. Work requires the more professional part of you to step forward, which it will. That part gets you up when your alarm goes off; helps to “dress the part”; gets you to the office; and put the right mindset on to get the job done!

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Donovan – Life Coach

Human Motivation

Life Coaching Awareness – Human Motivation – What Motivates Us? [Learn how]

There is some thinking that all we really want in life is to not work, sit back in leisure, relax and do nothing. In essence, some of that statement can be true. However, as I have noticed with my Life Coaching clients, although doing nothing on the outside does seem to have its advantages, it has been found that humans are driven rather, to perform, create, achieve and conquer. What motivates human culture is progress. Progress can be seen all around us. From appliances to medicine to science. We can clearly see how major advancements in these fields have moved humanity forward.

We want to better ourselves, become something greater than what we thought possible and leave a legacy behind. We want to do work that is meaningful, creative and worthy. Our deepest desires are not merely money and comfort, but to be more daring, open-minded and challenged. Our brains thrive in moments when we are put through our paces. We want to take on and over-come challenges. Our brains are not interested in slouching on the couch and watching TV. We want to live our dreams, but sometimes we need the expertise of a professional to help show us the way.

We Need Passion!

If this is the case then why does it feel that all you want to do is slouch back into your comfy sofa and watch your favourite series? Why don’t you have a bee in your bonnet every day, taking on risk and being adventurous? Why? Because you haven’t found your Passion.
Passion is the main motivating factor that will push people to conquer dangerous mountains and reach for their wildest dreams. It is the one the thing that will allow you to stare down your fears and get the job done.

A great Life Coach in your area will tell you that we need a reason to get up every day, move forward and break through our personal barriers. If you ain’t got passion for your own success then procrastination will most likely be your motivating factor. Here is a great Life Tip: To achieve your greatest accomplishment takes tons of dedicated effort. If you are not inspiring yourself in the shower about the possibilities of your venture or if you can’t see yourself doing what you are doing for free, then you need to evaluate how truly passionate you are about your cause.

An Interesting Story

A man goes to an extremely successful guru and says to him “Please teach me how I can get to your level of success!” So the guru tells the man to meet him at the beach the next morning. The next morning the man is at the beach and the guru walks up to him, grabs his hand and walks him waist deep into the sea.
The man says “I want to learn about success, not have a dip in the ocean!” To which the guru says “But I thought you wanted me to teach you how to reach my level of success? If this is so, then the lesson has begun.”

The man keeps quiet and is ushered further in by the guru. Only their heads are out of the water at this point and again in frustration the man begins to complain. However, before another word comes out of the man’s mouth the guru pushes the man’s head under water and holds it there. Just before the man starts to drown, he gets brought up to breath again. In absolute shock the man shouts at the guru “Why did you do that?! You could have killed me! I couldn’t breathe!…” In a calm and gentle voice the guru says back “If you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe, then you will be successful…”

What Will Motivate You?

You may be an average person at an average job, doing average things thinking “Amazing things only happen to certain people” (sad face). Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Amazing things only happen to those people because, while no one was watching they were perfecting their craft, testing their skills and magnifying the capacity to be bigger than their former selves.

“Maybe we won’t change the world with our dreams, but our world will be forever changed if we reach our dream.”

I heard an amazing statement by Robin Sharma (Life Coach, Entreprenuer, Motivator) the other day and he said:

“Some people will repeat the same year 80 times…”

Does this resonate with you? Does it seem that this year is a copy of last year? Why dedicate so much time to procrastination, when you can get out there and make something of yourself? It will be an absolute shame to watch yourself go from an inspired youngster to an old person and never have dared to achieve your greatest life.

I Choose to live by choice

How Can You Help Yourself Here?

What have you read, seen or watch on TV that got you thinking “Damn, if I could just do half of what that person has done!” Well, what did that person do? What was it about that person that inspired you? Read up about them. Find out what inspired them. What small thing could you do right now to start achieving something similar? Maybe all you need to do is get started on a basic course on something interesting…. Education is liberation!

Dig deep into yourself. Become your own life coach. Only you know what inspires you. Put all your insecurities aside for once. Think with the possibilities, innocence and curiosity of a child. What inspired you when you were young? Now take that idea and imagine it to be a ladder. What would the first rung of the ladder be, if the top rung was the goal? If you can’t create your ultimate goal because you have a family and becoming an astronaut is just out of the question, then what can you do to put yourself in a similar field? Maybe you can join a star gazing club? Take a course in engineering? I don’t know. Only you can create your own kick-ass life.

Be your own success in your own way. On your last day on Earth, go out with a smile because you know you rocked your world while you had the time. Kick some butt!

Thanks for reading,

Donovan – Life Coach